Airtec and Miltek - Limited pre-order spots!

We are delighted to be offering Airtec Intakes, Intercoolers and Milltek Exhaust systems to our customers in the near future.  In advance of a full product launch, we are putting together an exclusive pre-sale offer.

Pre order now. 
Enter your contact details below along with the make and model of your car to secure your space with this limited time offer.
Guide prices for some of the more common cars we see are as follows (pricing depends on make and model):
  • Airtec Intakes from - £150 to £200
  • Airtek Intercoolers from - £300 to £600
  • Milltek cat back Exhaust - £600 to £1200
The more orders we get the better price we can secure, which we will pass on to our customers.  Expect between 5% and 10% off depending on volumes.
This is a limited time offer and will not be available after the product launch.  We will get in touch with your unique offer code and link once our pre-order sale is complete.

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