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2004-09 Renault Megane RS - Nitron R3, 3 way adjustable coilovers

2004-09 Renault Megane RS - Nitron R3, 3 way adjustable coilovers

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Handcrafted by Nitron in England and widely recognized in the racing world, these NTR R3 Race suspensions are the ultimate coilovers for exclusive use on the track. They guarantee the best performances by offering exceptional damping control as well as very wide adjustment possibilities.

Designed for drivers and competition, this R3 suspension kit uses materials carefully chosen for their lightweight and anti-corrosion properties. Incorporating 40 or 46 mm diameter pistons (depending on the car model), each shock absorber is filled with oil and nitrogen, ensuring excellent resistance to overheating and long-lasting efficiency.

For an ultra-precise setup, the R3 range offers independent 3-way adjustment : 16-stage high-speed compression, 26-stage low-speed compression, and 24-stage rebound. The damping and spring rates are studied specifically for each vehicle by Nitron engineers, according to the weight distribution, axle design, intended use of the kit, and many other parameters validated by numerous real conditions tests. The ride height and spring preload are of course freely adjustable.

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